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Passionate About the Gulf Coast
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8 Board Games You Need for Family Game Night

I have always loved board games.  Growing up with a brother that hogged the Nintendo 98.7% of the time, I embraced board/card/dice games. My mother still shudders (and laughs) when I ask her if she wants to play a game with me.   My grandfather loved Farkle and taught all my cousins the love of […]

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Working from Home

I worked for a in Lafayette, LA for a couple of years in a traditional office.  My company allowed me to transition to a remote position when my family moved back to the Gulf Coast four years ago.  I have always loved remote life!  I can dig into my day more effectively.  I can also control my space and even my […]

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A Motherless Mama

Mother’s Day: A day fully devoted to us, mamas! Being a mama means putting everyone else’s needs above yours. It is the greatest gift of all but nonetheless, challenging and exhausting. Mother’s Day is a day that we get a little extra attention and much deserved TLC from those we so selflessly give to day […]

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May the fourth be with you family 2

May the Fourth be with You

Star Wars Day was kicked off in Canada in 2011 to celebrate all things Star Wars. But it is believed the term “May the Fourth be with you” was first used in 1979 after Margert Thatcher took office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Every year on May 4th, Star Wars fans around the […]

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This is Their Katrina Story

As I am constantly peppered with questions and concerns from my children about what is happening around the world, I stopped and realized, this is their time. When this chapter comes to a close, my sons will move on and write these moments down in their childhood storybook. Down the road when disaster strikes again… […]

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no houswork day

Happy No Housework Day

Happy No Housework Day!  When I first learned of this holiday, I thought to myself, “That’s a national holiday? That’s every day in my house!”  I need someone to declare a Do ALL The Housework Day.   Between work, kids, and a family calendar that looks like a hurricane spaghetti model, who has the time? […]

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kite month

National Kite Month: Celebrations & Memories

I don’t know about you, but I love driving down Beach Boulevard during National Kite Month. Seeing the different shapes and colors dance in the clear blue sky is mesmerizing. My favorite way to celebrate is by spending a day at the beach with my family. We pack up our kites, beach chairs, coolers, blankets, […]

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easter celebrations

Easter Celebrations Redefined

I saw this meme the other day (because funny internet sayings are life right now, am I right?) and realized how true this is. Just before Lenten season started, I wrote a post about Focusing our Momma Hearts but had no idea what was in store and how unique this time would be come Easter. […]

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